November 2016

Which to Choose – Aluminium Slat Fencing and Gates vs. Wood Slat Fencing and Gates?


For decades, timber fencing has been the standard in Perth. It is attractive and inexpensive, highly versatile, can be constructed into a variety of styles and works great for privacy fencing.  On the other hand, wood requires more maintenance than aluminium slat fencing which can be exhaustive and quite expensive over time. Wood Look Panels, also called Timber Grain Aluminium Slats, offer the look you want from wood with the durability and no maintenance from Aluminium Fencing and Aluminium Gates. Fencing prices for Aluminium Fencing and Gates are affordable, in fact, it will end up costing you less than wood in the long run. In order to ensure longevity, it is recommended having a proper Fencing Installer who follows all of the necessary guidelines. Aluminium Slat Fences and Gates can be installed on virtually any landscape with any colour of your choice. When deciding on a home improvement or upgrade choose a Horizontal Fence for your residential property from the Best Fencing Installer in Perth, Privacy Fencing Perth.


January 2017

Tips on Keeping Your Aluminium Slat Fencing Looking Brand New

Owning an Aluminium Slat Fence or Aluminium Gate from Privacy Fencing Perth is the first step to ensuring you get a superior product that will last a very long time. One of the many great benefits to owning an Aluminium Fence or Gate is that minimal care is required, and you can rest assured that your  Aluminium Fence will not succumb to rust, will not warp, and will stand the test of time.If you would like to keep your Fence looking brand new, here are a few tips for cleaning your Aluminium Slat Fence:

* Remove dirt, debris, dust, salt, pool chemicals, etc. by hosing your fence down with plain water.

* For tough debris, you can wash your Aluminium Slat Fence with a mild dish soap in a bucket of warm water with a soft wash cloth. Scrub dirt way gently. Once done cleaning, simply spray your fence with water to free it from any trace of soap and let it air dry.

And that’s it! Cleaning your Aluminium Slat Fence has never been easier.


March 2017

Aluminium vs. Steel Fencing: Which Should You Choose?

The most popular fencing materials today are steel and aluminium. Which is better? The steel vs. aluminium fence debate has been going for years, and both have been used extensively in fabricating all sorts of fencing, deck railings and gates. There are advantages and disadvantages to both materials, and each can be worked into almost any shape or form. When having new fencing installed, you’ll want to look at strength, overall cost and necessary maintenance when choosing materials. Both are among the most commonly recycled materials in the world, so use of either is environmentally friendly.

Overall, it’s best to look at all the pros and cons of aluminium vs. steel for your new fencing and gates. Appearance will of course be a big consideration, but strength, cost, weight, usage and necessary maintenance are all aspects you’ll want to explore. Privacy Fencing Perth can help you go over fencing options with your budget and anticipated usage in mind, and you’ll be able to look at samples to help you get an idea of the best material and style for your home or business.